Grand Master's Palace

The Grand Master’s Palace, located at the heart of Valletta’s St George’s Square was originally built by the Knights of St John and proudly stands as a beacon of Malta’s rich cultural and historical heritage.

As a central venue for the Mediterrane Film Festival, the palace offers a splendid setting that blends historical grandeur with cultural celebration. Visitors can enjoy the opulent State Rooms, adorned with stunning Baroque ceiling paintings and significant artifacts, including the detailed visual narrative of the Great Siege of 1565.

Photo credit: Heritage Malta

St George's Square

St. George’s Square, also known as the Palace Square, located directly in front of the Grand Master’s Palace and flanked by historic buildings like the Casa Dei Conti and the Main Guard, serves as a lively ‘people’s square’, bustling with activity.

Throughout the year, the square is a hub of cultural festivities, regularly hosting exhibitions, festivals, and the monthly Changing of the Guard ceremony. The venue will provide a perfect setting to host screenings of the festival’s most captivating films in a purpose-built open-air cinema.

Main Guard

Constructed in the late 16th century and later serving as a British Officers’ Mess, the Main Guard is a gallery of historical narratives, displayed through a plethora of paintings by British soldiers from 1814 to 1972.

The building, standing across the Grand Master’s Palace and St George’s Square, will serve as the festival’s immersive pavilion, showcasing projects and exhibitions from the festival’s ‘Future Visions’ virtual-reality selection, and will also be open for the general public to explore and enjoy.

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